Yingmeite (HK) Electronic Co., Ltd.

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Yingmeite (HK) Electronic Co., Ltd.

Yingmeite(hk)Electronics is a specialized IC company focused on electrical components and Integrated circuit, we offer various of professional service on electrical components for Medium or Small-size Manufacturings. Our main business is to deal with world s famous brands.

The products are widely used in consumer electronic products, automobile electronics, computer, periphery equipment, security-monitoring, medical equipment and military products. Agents of the companys main brands are: ON、MAXIM、HONEYWELL、ATMEL、NS、AVAGO、TI、IR、ST and so on.

Global enterprise development in the future will face a competition of high-speed network and lucid price. Therefore Yingmeite Electronics has established good relations of cooperation with many brand manufactures and make full use of accumulated advantages of many years to offer best service for our customers. With perfect concept, we want to be the bridge to contact two countries through business. Yingmeite Electronics expect to cooperate with you wholeheartedly and look into the future together.

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